Creative | Professional Makeup Artist specializing in wedding + beauty

"There are certain things you know you love in life, that you've always loved. And if you don't pursue at least one of those things, then that is tragedy."

My love for makeup started at an early age, I believe it had to do with my love for color. I've always been fascinated by color combinations especially those seen in nature. Have you ever taken a look at a leaf closely? There are hundreds of colors alone! Getting back on track.. I have always been an artist. When I turned 13 and learned about makeup that was a whole new level of creativity for me. Being able to express oneself not only on paper but to show it on yourself was a home run for me. Often I would lock myself in my room playing with makeup for hours, only to end up at dinner with my family looking like I had just come from a street fight or a bollywood film. (And that was normal for them) After college I found myself drawn to bartending and really took to it, I loved creating and crafting new cocktails with flavor profiles that might only make sense to culinary enthusiasts. I always raided my chefs kitchen for new ingredients to play around with. This has been my draw to creativity, I don't feel like I am doing anything purposeful if I am not being creative. After many years of bartending I decided to move to New York and follow one of my many dreams of becoming a makeup artist. In October 2015 i studied with Nina and Jezz Hill from Makeup school NYC taking from them as much as I possibly could. After moving back to Newport I've been working with local celebrity photographer, Peter Mellekas and have been developing my skills as a professional makeup artist ever since.